Dan is passionate about bringing you the healthiest products and programs on the market. In addition to his own programs, Dan has partnered with world leaders in the fields of nutrition, fitness, wellness and medicine to deliver a wide range of options to help you live the most optimal life possible.

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Dan is always looking for cutting edge science to assist his clients in living longer and managing diseased states more effectively. Especially important to Dan are the therapies with little to no negative side effects. Among the most revolutionary is hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps in the following ways:

  • Improves Circulation
  • Maximizes Oxygen Transport
  • Preserves, Repairs, & Enhances Cellular Functions
  • Increases the Amount of Oxygen in the Blood
  • Accelerates Wound Healing
  • Prevents Further Cellular Damage
  • Reduces Inflammation & Swelling
  • Enhances Anti-Microbial Function

It has been used to treat wounds, burns, infections, autism, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and many other conditions.

Extivita is a revolutionary clinic with a multi-seat hyperbaric chamber designed to treat multiple patients at the same time, reducing costs dramatically.

For more information on hyperbaric oxygen therapy click here.

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Healthy Buildings® indoor air quality programs build value into their clients’ assets, retaining and attracting tenants and employees, improving productivity, reducing liability, and branding them in the marketplace as sustainability leaders.

Energy benchmarking, audits and commissioning services ensure their clients’ buildings are running with minimum operating costs and maximum NOI.


Healthy Buildings has built a formidable reputation as the go-to specialists for technical LEED credits, helping building owners and LEED consultants alike ensure a smooth pathway to LEED certification. And their water savings programs are revolutionizing water use in buildings, often without expensive china replacements.

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Studies show that “69% of patients with depression reported only somatic symptoms,” and that answering questions on an electronic device such as an iPad can “ …greatly enhance the potential for clinicians to accurately identify patients' needs around such sensitive mental health issues as depression…” Connected Mind™ provides a quick and reliable screening and testing tool, and ensures that patients don’t slip through the cracks. It helps ensure they receive the care they need and that you want to provide.

Connected Mind™ gives you everything you need not only to help you diagnose for depression and 5 other common mental health conditions, but also to make an informed decision on whether or not to treat the patient in house or send them out by referral to a specialist.

Physicians and clinicians click here.

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Meditation is one of the most powerful, free tools we have available to us. We’ve been using it for thousands of years to find peace and calm within ourselves. Our modern society has made calming the mind incredibly difficult for some. It takes practice and discipline to escape from the constant stimulation we’ve created in our lives. Sometimes a simple little tool can make it a whole lot easier.

That’s where Enso comes in handy. This inexpensive little glowing rock serves many purposes. It reads your heartbeat by gently cradling it in your palm. Your heartbeat is communicated to you via a light vibration AND a gentle glowing color. Four second box breathing, sometimes called combat tactical breathing, is built into little Enso’s gentle glow. It glows bright for 4 seconds, holds for 4 seconds, gets dim for 4 seconds and holds for 4 seconds.

Now meditation is simpler than ever! And you’ve got a tactile guide through the process. Hold Enso in your palm and breathe along with it. You can literally feel and see your heartbeat slowing as you become more calm and focused. This is a powerful tool for children!

If that’s not enough, you can also program the heartbeat of a loved one into the device and carry their heartbeat with you wherever your travels take you.

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Dan’s dear friend Mark Macdonald, founder of Venice Nutrition, has created two cutting edge nutrition systems that are designed to take your body and health to the next level.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, but don’t require one-on-one attention from Dan, this is the program for you. This is a monthly (or yearly) membership plan that includes customizable meals plans, goal setting, an exercise plan, interactive journal and much more.  Click here to learn more.

Looking for a short two-month program to change your life? This is it! Mark’s 8-Week Run is designed to help you lose your bloat and drop up to 30 lbs. effectively.  Click here to get started today.

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Through several years of working closely with Mark and his team at Venice Nutrition, Dan has had the opportunity to become friends with their head chef, Valerie Cogswell.  She has created two incredibly useful guides to help you stock your kitchen with the right ingredients.

Click here to learn how to swap processed ingredients for all natural, add flavor while cutting excess sugar, save money and time at the market, and take the guess work out of healthy shopping