Ultrahuman Action Manual

The Ultrahuman Action ManualIf I could create a pill it would be one that makes you experience what my dad was experiencing when he suffocated to death from the lung cancer. Fear beyond words! Sadness that defies description! Remorse! Regret! He was only 56! He thought his actions would never catch up with him. He was wrong.

I'd give you my new pill every time you said something stupid like, "Well, ya gotta die of something." Whenever you treated your beautiful body with disrespect. Whenever you ate yourself into a sugar coma because you were sad. Whenever you skipped exercising for the 17th day in a row because you were too busy!

I bet you'd start acting right immediately after the first one of those pills.

You don't get it do you? You don't see how important you are do you? How much WE NEED YOU!? How much value you bring to us? It's time to wake the up before you end up like my father: sick, sad, scared, and dead!

Your excuses are the same two I hear every day!! I don't have time and I don't have money to be fit and healthy. Well guess what? I'm taking those excuses away forever!!!

In my (very short, actions only) new book I outline strategies that you can start today, RIGHT NOW! Total time commitment to a healthier you is only 4-6 hours per week and cost is only the price of the book (Seriously! Less than $5!).

No more excuses!!! I've taught these techniques to thousands of executives around the world with countless people seeing incredible, permanent, life altering results. Now you can join the elite and live a better, stronger, faster, healthier, and hopefully longer life.

Side effects of reading this book may include: permanent weight loss, increased neuroplasticity, faster thought processes, a better immune response, less stress, greater creativity, increased learning ability, increased muscle mass, reduced inflammation, more vitality and amazing energy.

But you have to take the ACTIONS!

You ready?

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