"With elegant simplicity which embeds complexity, Dan has distilled the 6 factors which are most pivotal, revealing and exploring these in a very interactive way and offering practical advice. While Dan is clearly an Ultra-Human himself, don’t fear, because he meets us where we are at with 6 factors for ordinary people like you and me to begin doing better at. That’s part of what resonated so strongly with me, as my passion is cracking the code of agility for ordinary people to achieve extra-ordinary things. Dan goes way beyond helping enterprises of all shapes and sizes implement wellness programs which work, unlike many which don’t. Hear him speak whenever you can. You won’t regret it."

Mike Richardson Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client

"Dan was very engaging with my Vistage Board. He took the Members and guest through the various things they could do to improve their nutrition and health. There were specific action steps for them to take. He continued to answer questions during our lunch. If you want a speaker on health and nutrition I would recommend Dan. I was proud to present him with the Vistage Speaker Above and Beyond Award. I thought Dan did a great job presenting a complex subject in layman's terms that was easy to understand and follow."

Robert Vedral Executive Chair – Vistage International

"His talk was informative, enlightening, and entertaining. Everyone in the group took home at least one tidbit that they could implement to move the needle to a healthier lifestyle. Dan does not judge. He offers simple effective solutions. I encourage you to book Dan to speak to your organizations or companies. You will not be disappointed!"

Jon Jennings Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client

I often measure a speaker's success based on how much my members still talk about her/him the next month. Dan hit it out of the park with my 3 groups. He got all of them super engaged and sparked a total health focus that is lasting for a good month already. His energy is great and we love the way he engages the groups. I highly recommend you put him on your schedule!!

Niels Johnson-Lameijer Executive Chair – Vistage International, Executive Client

Dan is one of the most compelling and engaging speakers I have experienced. What separates him from the rest? Dan is there for you, not himself - he is not selling, he is giving. Dan is passionate and purposeful about his message, which is portrayed in a humble yet powerful way. It is evident that his depth of knowledge, care and experience are the reasons why he is a terrific catalyst for successful and enduring life change.

Amy Brodsky Founder – Sky Partners, Executive Chair - Vistage International, Executive Client

"I can't say enough about the simplicity and power of Dan's talk to my Executive Group. I personally lost 20 pounds and several inches from my waist. I feel so much better with increased energy, eye sight, memory, and lower blood pressure. Dan delivered one of the best if not the best Vistage Speaker talks I have ever heard. I highly recommend Dan. You will not be disappointed!!!!!"

Malcolm Brignac Executive Chair – Vistage International, Personal Client

"Since meeting Dan in February of 2014 things have changed so much for our business and in our personal lives as well. We have a group of five that operate a small financial planning business and we hired Dan to coach/educate our group on health, wellness, and weight loss strategies. Dan’s passion for health and wellness has transcended through our business and into the lives of our families and friends. Dan’s wellness coaching resulted in a tremendous energy boost for all five of the team members. This energy was a huge factor in the business increasing profits by 70% in 2014. The knowledge that we gained regarding nutrition was priceless and the fire he sparked continues to motivate all of us today. Thanks Dan!!"

Jamie Frigstad Wealth Advisor, Executive Client

"My wife and I will never have to go on a diet again and our children are learning proper eating habits that will last their lifetime. I have recommended Dan to my family, friends, colleagues and corporate office. Thanks for everything you have done for our entire family Dan!"

Jon Haugen and family Personal Clients

"I believe that Dan’s approach has not only transformed my life but possibly saved it along the way. The easy question to ask then is, “what product or quick trick does Dan possess?” The answer is neither. Fad diets simply do not work over a long time frame. Dan is able to help you understand why it is important to not only train your body and fuel it with proper nutrition but to train your mind as well which doesn’t happen overnight. He helps you create healthy habits that will last and improve the rest of your life!

I was not in the conventional sense sick or in a state of extreme unhealthiness when Dan met with my practice. However, I certainly would have been if I had continued down the path I was headed. With the knowledge and accountability Dan has shared and shown I continue to improve and I also see that improvement in the people I work with. The bottom line is that you can go to a gym and hire a trainer that will meet you there three times a week and show you proper form but are they willing to take the extra step? I know Dan is because he puts you first. It is about you and your health, not how deep your pockets are. It is about becoming a better person for your coworkers, your family and most importantly for yourself."

Nick Wiedrich Wealth Advisor, Executive Client

"I’ve attended Vistage speakers for over 9 years now and have yet to “feel” this level of impact. The timing was perfectly in-line with some ongoing self-talk I’ve had about the need to make some changes regarding my diet and exercise routine. Like many guys, I’ve started and stopped many times… however, this time feels very different (I still can explain it).

I think the connection you made regarding a business “plan” to a nutrition and exercise “plan” was incredibly helpful. As well as, the instant connection I had with my Dad dying way too young at 57 years old – I have 3 kids (16 boy, 13 girl and 4 girl) who won’t experience the kind of amazing person he was. I heard once that there are “2 kinds of pain in life – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret” – I intend to live long and enjoy every day; to live stress-free and have the energy needed to love my wife (of 17 year) like crazy and to train up my kids to become great adults."

Shawn Haukaas Member - Vistage International

"Dan Miller is like a beacon of light that absolutely blasts past all the garbage we trudge through in life. I came across a few of Dan’s posts online at a time when it was hard to even get up in the morning, and his words raced through me like a fork in a toaster. When my depression was it its worst, Dan’s posts and his genuine kindness and zest for life were like a lifeline for me; though we’d never even spoken. He is such a positive life force and wants to bring everyone along for the ride. Even without knowing or trying, his very essence kept me going.

When we finally got to have an actual conversation, I found one of the most knowledgeable, kind and absolutely vibrant human beings I’ve ever spoken to, one of those rare people that just makes you want to be your best, even if you don’t think you have a best. In fact, if you have even a spark of desire to want to change your life, you won’t be able not to. Talking with Dan is like having a conversation with some kind of doubt magnet that draws all your fears out kicking and screaming and forces them to be replaced by hopefulness and resolve, mixed with a belief that you HAVE TO get out and start living your life."

Shannon Webber Personal Client